Deployed App not displaying in IE10


I have a deployed app that works just fine in Safari, Chrome or Firefox. However, IE10 just shows me a blank screen. The app is being served from an Nginx proxy using Jkatzen’s opsworks recipes. Any ideas?


Any errors in console on IE10?


There are a couple, but I’m assuming they are to do with the code not loading properly. The un-built version loads up in IE just fine. It’s only the dockerized, built version that’s having issues.

SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'attachBehaviour'
2ccc445d759481c9c899a8fd3832372e0a7526f5d.js, line 266 character 937
SCRIPT5009: 'Tracker' is undefined
2ccc445d759481c9c899a8fd3832372e0a7526f5d.js, line 186 character 17394
SCRIPT5009: 'Spacebars' is undefined
2ccc445d759481c9c899a8fd3832372e0a7526f5d.js, line 68 character 1371


So, the issue turned out to be IE and Collection Behaviours related. For some reason, the built version of the App was errorring out on a call to collection.attachBehaviour(name, options). This was not occurring in a locally run version. Switching out that call for CollectionBehaviours.attach(collection, name, options) solved the problem.