Deployed, but no data shown and console.log() quiet


Good day,
I am trying to deploy my first app on digital ocean ( I have followed this tutorial:

On my local machine the app works. Data is rendered and console.log prints out on the client and the server.

The same app, when deployed, only shows the html, without the data. Console.log() does not print to the client or on the server. I can see the collections on the client though (eg ModelCollection). I can edit the collections (insecure and autopublish packages are present) and the results are reflected server side.

My feeling is that the PORT and/or MONGO_URL and/or ROOT_URL is incorrectly specified. The client reports the error: The connection to wss:// was interrupted while the page was loading.

I am using meteor 1.2, Node 0.10.40.
Any advice to this newbie will be greatly appreciated in how to fix/debug this.