Deploying a MeteorJS app

Hello all:

I am working on a Meteor application and, due to some legal issues, will have to host it on a server that resides physically in Canada. I have not deployed Meteor apps before, and will appreciate any help with the following questions:

  1. Is there any “Meteor-recommended” cloud hosting service in Canada?
  2. What are the necessary steps needed to deploy a MeteorJS app on an Ubuntu 14.4 instance?

Thanks in advance for your help, and have a great day.

Diaa ElKott

Amazon’s opening a Canadian AWS region this year; when that happens, I’ll be the first in-line begging Galaxy to add the Canadian AWS region as a deployment option.

Until that happens though, DigitalOcean has you covered (their TOR1 data center is in Toronto). For fairly up to date instructions on how to deploy a Meteor 1.3 app to DigitalOcean with mupx, check out this article (skip the parts about updating to Meteor 1.3 since you’ll already be running with it).

Hi, Hugh:

Thanks a lot for your response, and the deployment instruction. I never knew that DigitalOcean has a Canadian data centre.

Have a great day.

Diaa ElKott

OVH has also a canadian data center, you can use their public cloud ( or their cloud VPS (

For deploying, you can use meteor-up (it uses Docker), or if you don’t like Docker you can also try pm2-meteor.