Deploying App Securely beside Apache

I have a domain mydomain_com and a subdomain appdomain_mydomain_com on an Ubuntu server. There is an Apache running on the server which is accessible on both of these URLs with https. I have deployed my Meteor app successfully in parallel using mup on mydomain_com:3000 but accessible only through http, not https.

Now I want my app to be accessible securely with https at appdomain_mydomain_com or mydomain_com/appfolder. I am ready to redeploy the app, though a redirect would be preferable.

How can I achieve this without affecting the Apache access to the web site running on mydomain_com?

PS: In the above I replaced . with _ in order to bypass a limitation of this forum.

If you want to keep using Apache, I’d recommend looking into also using Passenger. They have a great Apache + Passenger + Meteor guide on their site, but in a nutshell:

  • Deploy your Meteor (node) app somewhere internally (somewhere with no direct external access)
  • Update your Apache virtual host to point back to your Meteor app (see the guide I mentioned above for the specifics)
  • Done!

Thanks, the Passenger documentation is indeed very good and I had no problems with the passenger installation. But I have problems making my app known to Passenger because I used mup for deployment. As a consequence, on the server there is neither a “public” directory nor a “main.js” as required by the documentation which assumes a manual deployment. In fact mup has put my app apparently under /opt/AppName/current/bundle/programs/web_browser/app. Any hints how to adapt the Apache conf for mup-deployed apps?

Perhaps I should add that there is a specific httpd.conf for the vhost ruling which has been generated by Plesk Onyx and has more entries than mentioned in the documentation.