Deploying application with lots of media

This isn’t a problem for me at the moment, but I can imagine it being annoying at some point (I haven’t got the fastest upload). Is there a way to deploy media assets (anything in the public directory) separately to packaging and deploying normal code?

At the moment it takes a bit of time because of some logos and fonts get bundled and uploaded.
I am using MUP which makes the whole process awesomely simple, but it can take a good 5 minutes sometimes to deploy.

A workaround could be to create a subdirectory in nginx and host static content from there and not deploy it at all using meteor…

What are some recommendations??

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If you have a lot of media files, it’s better to store it somewhere else.

Try to put it to a CDN directly. For an example store them on S3 and may be use cloudfront of top that.

That’s a better way on the long run. I always try to store statics away as possible as from the meteor app itself.

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I have never used S3 before - I always thought it was going to be expensive.
Looking at it there is a free tier which I would never exceed… looks great.

Now I just need to get my head around how to get this to work :smile:

S3 is not that expensive. You may look for something other like google cloud storage too.

I recommend something like S3 too. Having the same problem, I moved large media, like background video to S3. 5gb you get for free.