Deploying Meteor 1.6 on Windows local network

The reason I am opening this topic again is because the other related topics are old and I want to be sure if there are new methods of deploying a meteor app on windows on a local network.

Not sure about other topics here, but the custom deployments section of the guide is up to date:

I do windows deploys quite frequently (for kiosk apps). I just use meteor build and run the bundle with node.
Most of the deployment scripts and apps are overcomplicated for local stuff, but great when publishing to frequently changing cloud servers

Happy to help answer any questions you have

Do you ever do SSL on your windows deploys?

I can get the server built and listening to 80, but it is pretty much required for me to run through 443

For SSL we usually pass the request through a proxy (another node app), which terminates the SSL and passes the HTTP request on to the Meteor app