Deploying Meteor app from Cloud9 to DigitalOcean

Hello everyone; I would like to explain that I am on windows and my entire app is on Cloud9 and github. I am very confused how to deploy the app to my digitalocean server that already has nginx installed on it. All the tutorials I have been reading seem to be for people who understand servers and what is all going on. I have dealt with linux but I have never worked completely on a server with no screen before.

What I am trying to find out.

  1. Do I need to upload my app code somewhere to my server by maybe copy and past with some vi file creating.
  2. where would these files need to be located. is there any specific direction for this?

What I do not understand

How exactly does meteor up work? Do I need to install it on the server and Cloud9 and cant that even be done and if so how?

I am very new to web development and just self taught myself everything for this project this semester and this is the last step for my Senior capstone course. The app works great on Cloud9 but uploading it to my server seems to be a wall I am having a hard time getting past.