Deploying Meteor app to a server with a site already on it?

What different procedures would be needed to deploy a Meteor app to a server with a static site already running? Could you just deploy via mup and point it at a subdomain or some path on the site?

Are you using nginx to serve the static site? If so you can just deploy via mup (change the port though) and proxy to that through nginx.


I hosted my own meteor using mup.
I also have LAMP already installed and had no problems. In my case, I manually installed mongodb and phantomjs and then used mup.

And ofcourse you need to change the port coz apache is using port 80.

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Just hypothetical.

Are you serving the meteor app on a subdomain? Would you just put that subdomain in the mup settings?

You could check out Phusion Passenger which works with ngnix and apache

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