Deploying meteor on VPS with Plesk

Does anyone know of any guides or write-ups out there to deploy Meteor on a VPS other than DO, Heroku, Modulous, etc.

I have a couple of servers (Ubuntu & CentOs) that I’d like to deploy a couple apps to. The hardware is more than enough to run a few little apps but I’m running into a couple issues like setting up the mongodb for the app, setting my nginx configuration so Plesk doesn’t throw a fit, that sort of thing.

Although I had luck initially it seems that has faded. I have a client who hosts many sites on a VPS from MediaTemple. Ived ustes this package for years, but not as I push more meteor apps through I’m finding it harder and harder to explain why I can’t just deploy to their existing server.

I can’t seem to deploy to CentOs because of ENV definitions being a bit tricky to set with Nginx. I can’t seem to find a solution for that and with Ubuntu I can’t get passed the uploading with mup because there’s no root password.

Is there no way to install a meteor app on a ,VPS under a virtual host? I have the Nginx conf file set to forward to port 3000 but I just can’t get past the initial hurdles.

Did you ever figure this out (this is the first Google result when I search for the answer - but there is no answer!)