Deploying Meteor with Docker zCloud images

Hi, I just recorded a video showing how to build, run and deploy Meteor apps with zCloud images.

And of course, I deployed in the video to but you can use the same images (links in the video descriptions) to deploy anywhere that supports Docker images.

I also showed some cool features of zCloud for Meteor apps:

  • Auto detection of the version of Meteor to select the right Docker Preset;
  • Auto detection of Galaxy env vars when pasting METEOR_SETTINGS env var;
  • Sticky sessions;
  • Zero downtime (Blue/green) deployments;
  • Custom HTTP health check;
  • Support with Meteor experts in English & Portuguese;
  • GitHub push to deploy or use our CLI;

Youtube Link:

And check our pricing, we are more affordable than AWS EC2 instances :slight_smile:

We are just starting but we already host more than 320 zClouds of resources split in more than 100 containers in 4 different regions:

  • US Central & Virginia
  • EU Germany & Finland

And we can spin up new regions in hours :slight_smile:

Try with our $15 USD sign-up bonus and feel free to schedule a demo with me.

We have Meteor apps in production running with 1 zClouds / 2 zClouds so $15 means more than 1 month of free usage in many cases.

We also can set up MongoDB instances so everything runs in the same cluster (and with the same great pricing).

Client testimonial on LinkedIn. He runs Meteor apps, Node.js apps and MongoDB with us. 1


The price comparison seems wrong. It compares apples to … cars or I might not understand it and I am opened to understanding more.

EC2 T1 is phased out since many years. T3.micro, with a year reservation is 30% cheaper than 7.5$ while performance is double. You would normally compare 1zCloud to a T3.nano which is less than $4.

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 2.50.19 PM

Equivalent in Ditigal Ocean is $4.


Hey, thank you.

We got these prices from their websites a few months back and we show what we are comparing against below each price (t1, basic node, etc) to be clear in the comparison. I’ll review these prices one more time and if necessary make updates :wink:

And yes, we are comparing different things as we offer a lot more in terms of easiness and support. We are comparing with servers in most cases but we are a platform with more than just servers.

But these other platforms are hard to compare as they charge for network traffic and other things that we don’t.

Network traffic is charged in almost all big players and we don’t charge it so our pricing is very simple to understand and predict.

The one that is closer but not the same yet is AWS Fargate (also charge network traffic).

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I usually use this website to check aws pricing, maybe they are not up-to-date Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison

DO in fact seems to have reduced or change their pricing

But again, this is just a simple comparison. We our not selling a server as they are in these plans. We are more comparable with Full Platform services that run Docker images like AWS Fargate and we are even more friendly.

We have clients migrating to us every week and we see a reduction from 50% to 85% in their monthly costs. Of course, each client can be different.

As our pricing is very simple we usually get clients in a call and we calculate in advance how much they will need and then we can provide the price already in the call :slight_smile: No surprises.

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FWIW, I moved 15+ Meteor apps off a large Digital Ocean server to zCloud and couldn’t be happier with the service. The team support during the migration was phenomenal and their app dashboard is making my site managment SO much easier. Highly recommend checking them out.


How does this compare to Galaxy?

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I believe we have very similar features but we are not limited to hosting Meteor apps.

We run a lot of Meteor apps and our app itself is written in Meteor so we are using our product with Meteor ourselves which is a big advantage for our Meteor clients as we are facing the same challenges as they are.

We also host databases so you can have everything in the same place, using local connections which speeds up your app.

Another difference is that we can host your app in any region in the World, just send as an email ( or schedule a demo with me.

We have very nice UI features, like the way to set up env vars and “apply changes”.

Our support is composed by very experienced Meteor developers, like me, and experienced DevOps as well, and we offer help to all stacks of technologies :slight_smile:

And the biggest difference that I can see is pricing, our price is much lower.

2GBs & 2 CPUs in Galaxy costs at least $115/mo:

With us this set up costs maximum of $30/mo:

We are in constant development and adding new features every week :slight_smile:

For Meteor for example we detect the Meteor version of your project automatically and set up the proper Docker preset for you.

In February we are also performing free migration to our services so clients that migrate in February will get all the set up done by our team (if they want), including data migration from databases.

Feel free to reach out to know more or to check our website.

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