Deploying on heriku stuck


Hi everyone i am trying to deploy a simple app i made on heroku now iam stuck because i dont know what i should do with the .tar.gz file meteor built…should i extract it and commit it? i directly did commit the archive to the heroku repository but when applying the command git push heroku master it gives me an error it says i should set METEOR_APP_DIR .any ideas guys?


Follow this guide:



@danjimgar i did follow this guide , i dont know where i am wrong …i build the app with the following command meteor --server-only --server=

meteor produced a file blabla.tar.gz…i dont know how to specify the folder the ap is in since its only an archive…

Sghould i manually extract it and after commit???



I dont know what are you talking about…

To built it, you have to fork (or download) and include the darkhorse in your project, edit the file to delete the mongolab and run:

heroku buildpacks:set xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


@danjimgar i did it here is what i dont undestand please im sorry to take up your time but please help me clarify:

i did the following steps:

-i did everything according to the link you gave me
-i told meteor to build the webapp outside of my project folder (let’s say in BLOOF)
-in Bloof ihave the file “app.tar.gz”
-i then init git in the BLOOF folder and add app.tar.gz (git add app.tar.gz) and i commit to the heroku application repository (so app.tar.gz is at the root level)
-then i changed the default parh heroku config:set METEOR_APP_DIR=’/’
-and i run git push heroku master
and i get the error that it cant find the app

So i want to know if this is related to me changing the app default dir or do i have do unpack app.tar.gz to my repository before commiting…

Sorry bro help me out please…sorry for the spelling mistakes i am so stressed up…i have to demo this app in one hour…


Meteor cannot produce a compressed app. Do not compress anything either. Just cd to the dir containing the app. For more use his without deviating


Ok i see…what you tell me…but really when i launch meteor build it gives me a compressed tar.gz file for WEB browser.So guy i think i should extract it …

my meteor version is the latest 1.3