Deploying to Galaxy without rebuild

Hi all! I’ve been using Meteor and Galaxy for a while, but I still haven’t 100% wrapped my head around the deployment process.
Specifically, why is it that my app gets rebuilt on Galaxy after I’ve uploaded a built and minified bundle as part of running meteor deploy?
This is causing problems with hot-code pushes to my Cordova app, in addition to (IMO) needlessly increasing the time it takes to deploy a new version.

Thanks for any insight anyone can give here.

afaik it doesn’t do a Meteor rebuild, rather it creates a unique docker image for your application which involves installing npm packages in production mode and recompiling any architecture specific code.


Exactly as @hexsprite said. For the full details, see the Build time behavior section of the Galaxy docs.


Thanks, that’s what it looks like. So, to your knowledge, would there be any way to use a tarball that I’ve built myself, including npm dependencies, or my own Docker image? Or would I need to set up my own hosting to do that?

Galaxy does support custom base images, which is documented in the Galaxy Guide here:


Thank you! Somehow I missed that :roll_eyes: