Deploying to local server

I would like to deploy a meteor app to my local server. The Network has no internet access, only local computers area ccessing the server.

With mup i could deploy apps on local servers Where the Network had internet access.

With no internet connecction mup hangs up at invoking deployment process, as it cannot reach npm to fetch the packages.

What would you suggest, how should i deploy?


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maybe @arunoda you have some tips for deploying to intranet w/o network access?

What OS are you deploying on? For us, we just use meteor build and then run in node (well actually in “forever” at the moment).

how do you run it?

I am on SUSE,
but after meteor build for the bundle

#run in node
nohup node --max-old-space-size=8192 bundle/main.js &


#run in forever
forever -l LOGPATH/logs/forever.log
-o LOGPATH/logs/stdout.log
-e LOGPATH/logs/stderr.log start bundle/main.js &

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You may want to update your answer to show how to set the MONGODB URL as well.

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