Deploying using two hosts - Landing page on AWS S3 and main app on DO?

Did anyone one try using separate hosts for landing page and main meteor app? I am trying to use Amazon AWS S3 to host my landing page to use its CDN network and main app as a sub-domain on Digital Ocean using Mupx. I think I figured out the landing page part on AWS, but having trouble with configuring Digital Ocean as a sub-domain and how the two talk to each other. So, what I wanted to do is: (and on AWS S3 on Digital Ocean (using Mupx)

I am reading the documentation but kind of getting overwhelmed at the first go, not being a dev ops and all.

Did anyone try to use both AWS S3 and Digital Ocean? Any resources that you can point to? Is it a good set up to aim for or is it easier to run the two on the same host (Digital Ocean).

Thanks in advance

Thanks, I’d like to know that as well :slight_smile:

After the long break, I plan to do some more research on this deployment option and will let you know. Unless the meteor gods in this forum can chime in for any pointers :smile: