Deploying with MMS (Mongo) and MUP to Digital Ocean


Hi all, I have been trying to deploy a meteor app using MUP. For the mongoDB im using MMS. The deployment does not want to work when I use MMS.

This if the MONGO_URL i use:

“MONGO_URL”: “mongodb://,

It keeps giving an error that the deployment failed because of mongodb.

When I keep everything the same and replace the MONGO_URL with one that uses then everything works.

Im thinking that I am maybe making a mistake with the way I setup MMS or the servers that host the MMS deployment.

Maybe its a firewall thing or something. Im new to this and im not sure.

Any help will be appreciated.


Are you sure MMS requires the URL to be in this format? “username@username:password” is not the standard format for a mongo url:


Thanks for the link, I realised that the problem might have been that I did not create an actual user for the mongoDB, it looks like the users in MMS is not users for mongoDB and it is needed to use Mongo Shell or something similar to create the users.

Not sure, but it is looking like it might be easier to just use for now and then later move over to MMS.