Deployment and Monitoring


I assume you meant meteor build here?


Oops. Yes meteor build not deploy.


I see. I haven’t seen this happening. I’m afraid I can’t help with this one other than by suggesting to reinstall Meteor. Though it would be good to trace back to the real cause in case it’s a bug.


I think a good option would be to create a new app, and see if it still happens. If it works well for a new app, then there is probably something about that specific application. I would try to make the application simpler and simpler until the issue doesn’t happen anymore, that will help isolate the cause. Reinstalling Meteor is unlikely to help.


That’s a very sensible suggestion, @sashko . Actually the best course of action. @jarski mentions updating the app from 1.2.1 to 1.4, without saying anything about changing the app code. My rationale was that, in this case the nuclear option would be best to try first, as it only takes a few minutes and there’s a slight chance it might save you all the tedious steps. I’ve seen meteor-tool getting corrupted once or twice in the past, after botched download attempts.

And now that I looked twice: why meteor npm install and not npm install?


There was actually simple solution: the standard minifiers got removed for some reason during the update. Problem was solved by adding the package. Thanks for the help!


Hi, I am trying to follow the deployment guide at

Everything is good until the last command:

MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/myapp ROOT_URL= node main.js

# result:
	throw new Error('`'+ modPath+ '.node` is missing. Try reinstalling `node-fibers`?');

Shouldn’t the npm install have installed all dependencies?

UPDATE: Found this solution: Perhaps the deployment guide should be updated to include the fiber reinstall?


Kadira is to be removed, there’s some other service that offers kadira.


Kadira links are broken, that section should be removed / updated.


It’s a bit tricky to deduce which Node version to use when deploying a Meteor app on a custom server. This guide article only say:

Node 4.6.2 for Meteor 1.4.x
Node 0.10.43 for Meteor 1.3.x and earlier

I’d love a canonical table, listing the recommended production Node version for each Meteor release :heart_eyes:


When you come to build your app, just run meteor node -v (and meteor npm -v).


I would recommend to include a section in the documentation of Galaxy that explains how to handle file uploads. It will help out developers coming from a typical MAMP environment.