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Will there eventually be a section on scaling a meteor app?

This would be nice, even if it was just a high-level view of what to expect (and research) down the road, and not as in-depth and actionable as some of the other chapters.

It may also head-off the myriad of “can meteor scale?” posts on this forum and stack overflow.


Yeah we really want to have something like this! There are a couple of things in the pipeline, specifically we want to write down some of the stuff we have learned from working with developer subscription customers. @nim was working on some of this stuff, will be good to know people are interested!

I think this would have a very high ROI for MDG. It’s a very common concern (for any technology but it seems to come up a lot with meteor).

probably already on your radar, but:

Is there a guide somewhere on how to edit my deployed application? Lets say I deploy my application but later decide to go back and change a piece of code or even need to finish my development process by testing certain things on the server itself. Losing collection data and restarting the server is fine with the current project I am working with.

@sashko - should we discuss issues with the article here or using the github issues?

Either is fine! If it’s a specific thing it might be better to file an issue, or if it’s more a discussion thing then here is better.

Thanks @sashko will do! The Guide has ben fantastic so far, documentation was a big criticism within my team, and loving it so far.

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@sashko - in the deployment article it currently points to a version of meteor-up that is no longer maintained. Should it rather point to the latest stable version

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the deploy on meteor is too hard, its a good idea create a meteor package for google cloud computer engine, and a package like mup to easy configurantion and deploy

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Yeah this is definitely an opportunity for someone to step in and make a name for themselves by making deployment to different cloud services super easy!

It would be nice to add some words about passenger. Passenger allows Meteor deployment on your server. It has pretty clear step-by-step guide for Meteor deployment


There’s an issue with this code. The regex doesn’t compile:

WebApp.rawConnectHandlers.use(function(req, res, next) {
  // this is the problematic line:
  if (req._parsedUrl.pathname.match(/\.(ttf|ttc|otf|eot|woff|font\.css|css)$/) {
    res.setHeader('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', /* your hostname, or just '*' */);

Sadly my regex is not strong and I’m not sure what the issue is.

The if line is missing a closing brace! No issues with regex. I’ll make a pull request to fix this!

Another thing worth adding might be a mention of using cdn for local development. It should be disabled locally, right? Unless I’m missing something

Another issue I’ve just run into while using the CDN is the option to have a fallback to the regular site if the CDN doesn’t load the file properly.

If you have a site with 25 servers and you do an update, it will take a while to update all of them. If someone then comes to the site during the update and Amazon tries to fetch the JS for the site from your domain it might not be able to retrieve it. It depends on what Meteor instance Cloudfront connects to as to which files will be available.

This also happens if you only try to update the code for some servers, but not all of them. I think I’ll post this in its own topic now.

Can we get some new monitoring recommendations with Kadira closing? Should at least consider removing Kadira from the guide.


Any idea what has changed in deploying apps in meteor 1.4? I recently updated my app from 1.2.1 to latest meteor and all JS files are not bundled to together after deployment.

  1. meteor deploy --architecture os.linux.x86_64
  2. copy bundle to server
  3. meteor npm install in /programs/server folder
  4. node main.js

Before I got nicely bundled CSS and JS files but now I have JS file for every package.

I guess this would answer your question: And as to why minifying for the server isn’t that important: Meteor Server Side - Minification?

Thanks for the reply. I noticed they are talking about minifying server side code. In my case all the client side code is not bundled together. I have verified that other meteor sites are serving single js and css file to browser so there must be something wrong with the way I deployed my app.