Deployment error - CERT_HAS_EXPIRED


I’m running into an error trying to re-deploy an existing application to the Meteor infrastructure.

meteor deploy

And I’m getting

Error deploying application: Connection error (CERT_HAS_EXPIRED)

I recently had to reset the login keychain on my machine, so I’m not sure if that’s what has caused this. And because of this error, I can’t update or delete the application.

Can anybody help? Is there any way I can have the certificate re-issued? Thanks!


Same for me: Error deploying application: Connection error (CERT_HAS_EXPIRED)

meteor logout and meteor login seems to have resolved the issue


I have the same issues- logging in and out and revoking the sessions on the browser don’t work. Any ideas?


I did what @guestn did - tried revoking sessions, logging out and logging back in. Still running into the same error. Anything else I’m missing?


Just tried to deploy a demo site, same error for me …


Same problem here, I hope they fix it soon.


It happened to me as well. But after a few fails, I could deploy my app successfully. Maybe temporary server issue?


Just retried. “meteor logout” & “meteor login” works for me.


Yes, logout and login works now. Looks like it was a temporary issue.



Got the error after “meteor logout” & “meteor login”.
But it is working with Heroku configured with

Don’t know what to do :frowning:


I’m getting the same error and actually just got a SSL cert warning viewing the site on adroid…