Deployment issue with custom written code using Capistrano

I have been trying to deploy meteor app (a rocketcht app ) through capistrano . For that the steps I have followed are

1. cloning the project :

This step includes cloning the project in the local computer .

2. Bundling the project :

since meteor command takes longer time to run the project ( around 10+ min ) so we cannot afford to bundle the project during the deployment time . so as a workaround we bundle the project in local system within project directory with similar os architecture as the staging server using meteor bundle bundle.tgz. After bundling the project we sent the bundle file to the s3 bucket .

Till these 2 steps we have not done any automation . This was a manual and one time process ( till yesterday thats what I thought until I ran into some issue which I will discuss below ) .

Now the automation comes into play . Though there are several deployment tools for meteor deployment but We decided to use capistrano for following reasons :

  • We are more familiar with this tool as our previous deployment was by capistrano .
  • We had already figured out the technique for multiserver deployment using aws tags which help us to deploy in server generating dynamic ip .
  • MUP was one alternative but not sure how to deploy code for server having dynamic ip ( autoscaling ).
  • Another alternatives are galaxy , phanthom but have not tried .

The deployment with capistrano involved the following steps :

  • The bundle file is pulled by the server where the code is deployed .
  • Once the code is pulled , the bundle file , which is a compressed file (which was previously pushed into the s3 bucket manually ) is pulled by the server and is placed inside the project directory which is then extracted and a new directory named as bundle is created .
  • Next step includes entering inside the bundle directory and running meteor npm install .
  • Another step includes , restarting node server inside the bundle directory which runs node main.js which is managed by supervisord , a process management tool .

so the gist strategy for deployment is :

  • bundle your app ( this is actually the meteor bundle command)
  • Copy over your bundle to your staging server
  • Start the bundle as a node-app and use supervisord to manage the node process .

So our main problem is :

The Dev team has written some code inside rocketchat/packages/rocketchat-api/server/ for login feature . While bundling the project along with this custom written code and starting the app with node command this custom code does not work .

so my concern here is :

  • Does meteor build command bundles the custom written code too ?
  • should we need to use meteor command instead of running node main.js inside the bundle directory command for those custom written code to take effect ?

capistrano task :

namespace :cf do
desc "Incremental Asset Upload"
task :s3upload do
run_locally do
execute "meteor build --directory . --architecture os.linux.x86_64"
execute "aws s3api put-object --acl public-read --bucket test --key #{fetch(:application)}/#{fetch(:stage)}/bundle --body bundle"

desc "Pull and deflate assets"
task :decompress do
on roles(:app) do |server|
execute "wget{fetch(:application)}/#{fetch(:stage)}/bundle -O /tmp/bundle"
execute "tar -xzvf /tmp/bundle.tgz -C #{release_path}/public"
execute "chmod 755 -R #{release_path}/public/bundle"
execute "cd #{release_path} && meteor npm install"

My process monitoring tool configuration goes as :

[program:node] environment=HOME="/home/deploy",PORT="3000",ROOT_URL="http://localhost:3000",MONGO_URL="mongodb://localhost:27017/rocketchat_staging" directory=/home/deploy/rocketchat/current/bundle command=/usr/bin/node main.js autorestart=true redirect_stderr=true user=deploy stderr_logfile = /var/log/supervisord/node_stderr.log stdout_logfile = /var/log/supervisord/node-stdout.log

Thank you in advance !!