Deployment on Godaddy


Has anyone ever successfully deployed a meteor app on Godaddy shared linux hosting?

If so how do I go about it? (mupx?)


Not even sure this would be possible without root access. Why godaddy?


Mostly because I already have an account from other projects,

I can access the command line with PuTTY. Could even install meteor. Doesnt allow me to use any meteor commands though.


I don’t think you can. Basically Meteor requires 1) Node.js and 2) MongoDB; however, Godaddy is based on php and MySQL database. I also purchased Goddady web hosting before and found that it does not support Meteor, and I asked for refund.


GoDaddy acquired Nodejitsu last year.

GoDaddy revamps Node.js Web infrastructure with a little Nodejitsu

Install Node.js, NPM, Bower on Web Linux Hosting GoDaddy


Thank you! Managed to get Node.js and mongo working on there. Shouldnt be too difficult from here (I hope)


Which plan are you using?

Can you run multiple apps on the same account?

It would be interesting to compare the cost with competitors.

I have had a Deluxe Windows hosting plan for years (for 5 to 10 USD per month, depending on what promotional price I re-subscribe at) at GoDaddy and can run multiple ASP.NET apps on it. I don’t have experience with their Linux hosting though.


Linux shared with CPanel

Not sure it will be able to work. Can’t use mup as it needs the sudo command which is unavailable.

Unless there is a way to deploy a metor app without root permissions I think it may be impossible.


Root permissions or sudo aren’t necessarily required to deploy a Meteor app. I’m able to deploy Meteor apps to IBM Bluemix cloud hosting (Linux platform) without root permissions or sudo using meteor-buildpack-horse. I know that sudo is not available because I’ve tried changing fs.inotify.max_user_watches from the default 8192 to a higher value via sudo without success.