Deployment + Tests

Hey guys,

Moving my first app from dev -> prod (yay! - big moment), and had a question around this.

  • Logically, what happens to tests, comments etc when an app gets deployed to say Galaxy.
  • Maybe I’m asking this the wrong way, but how do I get all the extra js code in say a tests directory not to get built into the final deployed app?
  • Assuming i’m using mLab - is it silly to user a username/pwd as user/user? Why is this a bad idea - as in surely no one can get the rest of the path to connect to the MongoDb URI?

Also, does anyone have a handy checklist of stuff to do in addition to the deployment docs? I’m thinking nginx front end to reverse proxy to app, app deployment on galaxy, how to use ip whitelisting intelligently, etc - heuristics basically.

Thanks so much - tat