Deployment to CentOS - MUP and/or pm2 - sudo issues

I’m deploying (moving) an app from a Digital Ocean Ubuntu deployment to an in house (corporate data center) VS running CentOS.

The new server is a clone of one of our other servers that has node apps managed by pm2, so the setup is proven as far as node goes.

I have done a test install using pm2-meteor and one using mup. I have been using mup on Digital Ocean for a while with no issues.

The pm2-meteor install seemed to go well, but the app errored out when pm2 tried to run it. The fibers module could not be found.

The mup setup failed out of the gate with:

x Installing PhantomJS: FAILED -and-
sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified

The commonality seems to be the inability to install modules from the scripts.

I’m running the installs via a user with sudo privileges.

Has anyone else run into these problems? Any ideas on how to get around this?

Would it be easier for me to do this manually? sudo privileges work fine from the terminal via ssh.

If manual is the best option, how do I best accomplish that?

Thanks in advance, Alex

We’re using pm2 successfully (albeit on Ubuntu). Are you using the correct version of node for Meteor? Current is 0.10.40.

I have now dealt with the sudo permissions issue and have a successful pm2 deployment on the production server. MUP won’t go, because it turns out that it doesn’t work with CentOS. MUP wants to use apt-get to install packages and of course, that won’t work on CentOS.

I have a pm2 installation now, but…

At first meteor wouldn’t start because cfs:graphicsmagick couldn’t find GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick on the server. Went through an enormous amount of work to install GraphicsMagick without yum (because there’s not a yum package for it). Still failed. Then installed ImageMagick with yum successfully.

PM2 now starts the app without throwing any errors, but when I go to the site in a browser, it never loads, not even a little.

No errors reported in the pm2 logs, but won’t load.

The server is running node 0.10.41.

Any ideas?

Resolved. Had to open the port in the firewall. Works great now.

PM2 and pm2-meteor for CentOS.


how was it done?thank you @henryalexadams