Design 1st Full-Stack Business Application Development with JavaScript (Meteor) Video Series (Work in Progress)


I am new fan in the Meteor camp. I am evaluating a stack of JavaScript tools and technologies for maintainable business-application development. I am working on a set of proof-of-concept applications revolving around an ERP system, not excluding the possibility of a standalone version, either. I’ve started a series of videos to document the progress and the concepts. Full-Stack Business Application Development with JavaScript (Meteor) This video series is unlisted and meant for established software engineers. I am especially interested in integrating the well-established (CASE) design tools with a type-system enabled JavaScript tool-chain. GraphQL and Flow are very nice examples of the kind of tools I am looking for. Definitely, I’m going to have a look at Vulcan, too. I am especially intrigued by the brilliant simplicity and elegance of the Meteor DDP technology. I used to work with CORBA for a number of long years, so some of the tools reminds me of those golden days.