Desktop (Electron) Meteor app with ToDesktop

I just wanted to share the fact that I was able to get an Electron version of my Meteor web app up and running without too much difficulty using ToDesktop. Very little coding was involved, other than hooking into a few lifecycle events and a desktop-specific login screen. After several failed attempts at getting meteor-desktop working in the past, I was pretty surprised at how quickly it all came together.

If you want to see, my web app is Strum Machine and the app download is here. (Windows/Mac/Linux is detected automatically.)

Offline support is enabled with a Service Worker, IndexedDB, etc. I already had all of that set up for the browser, and it worked the same within Electron, so that part of the ToDesktop migration was painless.

I don’t think this would be a viable solution if I needed to do any native coding or use any non-blessed Electron plugins, but in my case I just wanted a nice Electron wrapper.



Btw, if you’d like more details about how I implemented offline data persistence, I wrote about it and included a bunch of code in this thread over multiple replies. Everything in that thread is still up to date.

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Good stuff, thank you!