Detect whether auto-update check is complete


When a user installs and opens a Cordova app that has a pending update for the first time, he can start using the app and then be interrupted by a reload.

This is a bad user experience, and I’m a bit worried that Apple or Google reviewers will also complain about this.

I would prefer to show a wait screen while I check to see if there is a pending update. Does anyone know how to do this?

I found


but I need something like


which doesn’t exist.

Looking at the code for the autoupdate package, it seems you would need to make code changes to it to achieve this. Is there a simpler way?


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Hi, in Quave apps we use this package GitHub - quavedev/reloader: More control over hot code push reloading for your production apps. Designed to replace mdg:reload-on-resume and provide a more production-ready approach. to give us full control.

In the main Readme there is a full example with React.

Feel free to ask follow up questions.

Thanks, I’m now using that package and it works quite well.

I couldn’t get the “launchScreenDelay” setting to work though: even if I set it to 10s, I still get a flash of the old app on startup. This was when using a dev build (“meteor run”), I didn’t try a prod build.

Assuming it was working, then I would be delaying the opening of the app every time, even when there are no updates available, right? I guess there’s no way around that?


Yes. I don’t recommend this approach but it is available.