Dev machine meteor upgrade risk?

Hi I want to work through some new tutorials of modern meteor features using my Windows10 laptop.

Im a worried about breaking some small but important production projects running METEOR@
(I mup deploy small changes to these)

Can anyone say if its safe to upgrade meteor on my dev machine?


As long as you don’t run meteor update from the project root of those existing projects, you can start a new project and update that to the newest version of Meteor:

meteor create <yourProjectName>
cd <yourProjectName>
meteor update

The newest version of meteor will be downloaded, your new app will be updated to use the newest version of Meteor, but the old projects running on will continue to run just fine. (There will still be a copy of and all relevant packages on your dev machine that the meteor tool will use for builds of the older projects.)

After this, future projects you create will use the newest version of Meteor.

Even if you do accidentally meteor update one of the old projects, you can always run

meteor update --release

although I don’t think that always works seamlessly (I’ve sometimes had to modify the .meteor/packages and .meteor/versions files manually to fully restore the previous state).

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