Dev server silently crashes

I’ve been having issues where my local development server silently crashes, although the meteor tool itself does not crash. Any ideas on how I can debug what’s going on?

OSX 10.12.3

Are you running a brand new project that you made with meteor create? If not, it’s safe to say that there’s something wrong with your code and not Meteor. Either way, for good measure you should run meteor update --patch to update your release to 1.4.3 :slight_smile:

It is an existing project, and this doesn’t happen on production. It was also happening on 1.4.3 even after a meteor reset

By “silently crashes” what do you mean? Your server just goes down and restarts without an error message?

Server goes down, there are no logs saying it crashed, meteor-tool doesn’t realize it has crashed (i.e. I can still access local db via meteor mongo but meteor shell doesn’t work).

It does not restart because I don’t think meteor knows it has crashed (which is what I mean by silently).

If I check my processes, I see only 1 node instance running which I’m assuming the is the meteor tool, and the other node instance which should be the app server does not exist.

maybe this issue?

That seems like it could be related, thanks!