DevDocs support for Apollo Client and Server offline docs

Edit: Apollo is now at “Apollo in list To Do [Other]” on DevDocs
Please upvote Apollo on DevDocs!

tl;dr Please upvote Apollo on GitHub to fulfill DevDocs(offline docs) requirements, we need 5000 stars!

Apollo-Server at GitHub 989 stars
Apollo-Client at GitHub 2495 stars

and please maybe star the different clients:
React-Apollo 632 stars
Apollo-Angular 179 stars
Angular1-Apollo 54 stars
BTW there is no link to the Angular(2) REPO at the docs!
Apollo-Android 267 stars
Apollo-iOS 414 stars

But if I sum this REPOS we are already at 5030 Stars :wink:

DevDocs is a nice way to get offline documentation.

I would like to see Apollo there!

Actually, there is a Trello “To Do [Other]” GraphQL
DevDoc Trello

Under “Ideas”, “Suggest new docs here” are the conditions described as follows.


  • Source code documentations only (HTML format)
  • Project must be open source (as defined by OSI) and actively maintained
  • License must permit alteration, redistribution and commercial use
  • Project must have >5k stars on GitHub or equivalent

DevDocs is open source — the fastest way to see a doc added is to contribute.

==== PLEASE READ ====

MySQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB + most docs by Apple / Microsoft / Adobe, are released under restrictive licenses (no redistribution) incompatible with DevDocs — please don’t suggest them.

Please search the existing lists before posting here.

Please include links to the source code, docs, and docs license.

Name: [name of software]
Source: [link to source]
Docs: [link to docs]
Docs license: [link to license]

Suggestions that don’t follow these instructions will be ignored.

Do Apollo docs fulfill the condition?
I do not find a docs license!

Suggestion could look like e.g.

Name: Apollo
Docs: ?
Docs license: [link to license] ?

I am not sure how to handle different Apollo-Clients?


Do you need them to be specifically on devdocs, or would offline support for be just as good?

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The intended license is MIT license, btw - please send a PR if you find any repos without it. Here’s an example:

Offline support for would work and be fine, but with DevDocs
additionally, all needed docs are in one place and I could update selected docs before going offline with one click and able to watch docs after I had shutdown and later restart my PC and open the browser at and search within.

Yeah it just seems like a drag to get through some sort of bureaucratic process to get on there. Especially if we have a disadvantage because of a multi-repo approach.

Process started!

Name: Apollo
Docs license:

see DevDocs on Trello

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Every Apollo user should :thumbsup:

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Hmm, I think we need a more sophisticated approach. If we understand the criteria to get a new project included, I’d love to promote that via blog, mailing list, twitter, etc. - a few questions:

  1. Is the main place to suggest new docs on GitHub issues, or Trello?
  2. Is there some way to reach out to the maintainers directly? I could maybe just send them an email or something.

I want to make sure we have a clear strategy before going hard on getting the community involved.

Sashko I read the criteria and if I’m right I like to answer the questions as follows.

There are two ways.

Frist “requesting new documentations” should be on Trello and not at issues.
Apollo is now at “Apollo in list To Do [Other]” on DevDocs and we are able to upvote but have no influence on how much time it will take.
The good thing is that this implies that the Licence of the Apollo docs is accepted.

Second “contributing new documentations” should open an issue and send pullrequest.
Adding documentations to DevDocs. In short, copy Ruby file and edit them (scraping and filtering)
See e.g. React or Redux samples at devdocs/lib/docs/scrapers/ on GitHub

I do not think this should be a disadvantage but an advantage (small, fast and selectable) we should contact the maintainer.

Suggested way is via DevDocs forum
but on his website, you can mail Thibaut Courouble with this address

How does DevDocs load so fast?