DevRel at Meteor Software: Opportunities and Exciting News!

Hey, Meteor community! Before discussing the topic, let me say that we are hiring a Developer Advocate to join our team! Open this link to learn more.

Alright! So what’s Developer Relations (DevRel) about?

DevRel is all about building connections between the developer community and the technology platform they rely on. Think of it as a bridge that connects devs and the platform’s makers. The goal is to create a positive, collaborative environment that benefits both sides.

Developer Advocacy, on the other hand, takes DevRel a step further. This person advocates for your needs within the platform. They help prioritize enhancements and feature requests that matter to you the most. They create valuable resources, documentation, tutorials, and sample projects to help you understand and leverage the framework better. You can read the job description above to understand more.

We hired @TatiBarros as our DevRel Manager a few months ago to help us build the foundations of this new area. Well, foundations are usually not seen from the outside. She is an experienced professional who has previously worked as a Tech Community Manager and with Developer Relations in two big companies. She is, at the same time, teaching us about DevRel and learning about our ecosystem. To give you a few examples, she is taking care of our two brand new newsletters, is working on a few Meteor case studies, and has created a program with Python and Pandas that scans our forum and processes hot topics, main questions, top contributors, and so on, and is also working on a rebranding for Meteor.

Most of our plans target Meteor 3.0, and now we have reached a point where we can start building something visible (have you heard that a beta version is coming soon?). That’s why we just opened the Developer Advocate position. This person will execute the plan we created and help shape it.

To conclude, we are sponsoring @storyteller and @jkuester. They will both help us with advocacy, executing the crucial part of creating content. We plan to have live streams and fresh articles to educate developers on how to use Meteor and, of course, a lot of content about Meteor 3.0.

I hope that was exciting news. Cheers!


Thanks, @fredmaiaarantes, for starting this thread. It’s great to share the strides we’re making in our DevRel initiative. Soon, we’ll roll out a new poll in the Forum, inviting everyone to weigh in on choosing a new Discourse template, which will shape the developer experience on our platform.

In our strategy, technical content collaborations stand out. We aim to establish a signature content creation partnership between Meteor Software and everyone passionate about the coding cosmos. Hence, we’ve split into two newsletters: one that captures the community’s pulse and another that dives deep into code, updates, and the heart of the MeteorJS open-source ecosystem.

Coding aside, we’re also crafting words! A technical writing workshop has set the stage for us to elevate the Meteor 3.0 documentation. Expect clarity, quality, and utility as the cornerstones of our documentation from here on out.

And yes, our rebranding is also fresh out of the oven – it will expand Meteor’s brand and kickstart a store that’s a tech enthusiast’s dream.

Finally, the search for a Developer Advocate is in its final stretch – we’ll share more on this soon as it’s a central piece in our DevRel puzzle.

After this hiring, I’ll increase my presence in the Forum to directly engage with the community, our compass guiding our communication and advocacy journey.
I’m eager to showcase all that we’ve built thus far, and a special thanks to @storyteller and @jkuester for the start!


This sounds very exciting! I really appreciate all the energy and love poured into the ecosystem and community