DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not parse content for meteor://desktop/__cordova/ Unexpected end of JSON input

I’m getting this error plus there:

every time I’m starting my Electron app.

Is this an error specific to DevTools or is there really a problem with a JSON file (and if so, which one?)? How can I find that error if there is one?

Thanks in advance

We also ran into huge problems with the Chrome DevTools plugin quite recently, where the devtools actually completely broke our app (client side of course). We had to disable the plugin for the timebeing!

I’m getting this error for a long time, probably years. It’s something I’m not bothered with too much (as everything works) but I was hoping that someone can explain what is wrong and how I can identify the error (so I can assess if it’s worth fixing it).

So I don’t think that my case is similar to yours and I need the Google Chrome DevTools for debugging.