Devtools failed to load SourceMap on latest Chrome after upgrading my version of chrome to Version 81.0.4044.92 on Windows

Last night I started noticing these errors.

My meteor sites have not been rebuilt or re-deployed for weeks, so I can’t imagine its actually a Meteor issue, but the issue only started after i made some tweaks to my reverse proxy pointing to my site. In tracking it down I noticed that some of my images were now rotated as well, and determined that my version of chrome was also upgraded to Version 81.0.4044.92 (Official Build) (64-bit) (which handles image orientations differently now). Restoring my reverse-proxy to the way it was last week did not resolve the problems.

Have others seen these SourceMap issues with the latest Chrome?

By the way, I have now fixed the image rotation issues with ‘image-orientation: none’ at the top of my css.

My sites are Meteor 1.8.1 deployed on Ubuntu 18.04
Im not seeing the SourceMap errors when visiting the sites from Edge Dev tools on Windows, nor from Firefox on Ubuntu.
I only see the SourceMap errors when visiting the sites from the latest Chrome from Windows.

I had something like that too.
This seems to have make that line go away, but you’d lose some capability.

Open Developer Tools,
go to “Settings” for Developer Tools,
then uncheck Enable JavaScript Sourcemaps under the “Sources” settings.

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