Diagram Drawing Tools to use within my Meteor App



I’m currently working on a Meteor application but I also need the ability to incorporate a diagram that I need to construct dynamically based on backend MongoDB data.

The diagram that I need to build dynamically will be similar to a Network diagram.

I’ve been thinking of using HTML5 Canvas but just wanted to get other people’s opinions on potential javascript drawing tools to use within my application.



Perhaps there are packages that people might know of?


I would advice you to use SVG & meteor. I’ve used it to make a graphical annotation tool and it’s quite awesome.

Here is a small demo (starting at 0:48)

Each move is saved, so it can easily be used in collaboration. :slight_smile:

Edit: note this is pure meteor (Blaze) and SVG, no need for plugins like raphael here


@batist I’d love to see the code for this - it looks awesome! I’m interested in a blaze SVG solutions for a drawing application. Do you have a public repo with this?