Did Meteor 1.7 solve any issues around memory leaks?

I upgraded to Meteor 1.7 this week and it seems like a memory leak issue we were facing suddenly disappeared. Has anyone else experienced this?

A few days ago someone has reported the opposite issue though :smile:

We’ve been experiencing the same on one of our apps since upgrading. It seems to be related to this:

Did a memory leak start or stop for you?

For me a memory leak dissappeared. My app seems to handle memory much better now.

Also, what is displayed in your screenshot?

If I remember correctly there was some issue in Node.js with this that was discovered and fixed. Being on the newest version should fix it.

These issues start appearing after upgrading to 1.6.1, and still exists in 1.7

The screenshot shows a heapdump diff, this allows you to find the cause of memory leaks.

I’m testing this on Node 8.11.4

I can confirm now that the same issues persist in Meteor 1.8

I’ve downgraded the app to and all issues disappeared.

Consider this issue:

Maybe it might be connected. Either way you want to take this to Github.

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