Difference between "meteor npm" and "npm"


Is there any difference between “meteor npm” and “npm”?

I try to find online, but I didn’t find any information.

Can someone explain a little bit? Thanks


meteor npm uses the version of npm bundled with meteor.

npm uses the version of npm you have installed.



So does it mean I should add meteor before npm all the time? Like these:

meteor npm init
meteor npm install
meteor npm install --save XXX
meteor npm uninstall --save XXX


Not necessarily - I’ve just been using vanilla npm commands. If you have npm installed separately, you could use that. The bundled version does seem to be quite recent (March 4):

meteor npm --version


In addition it runs on the node that is run by meteor. As such if you are doing things that are not supported in the node version that comes with Meteor (0.10.0) it will fail.