Difference between normal build and build --debug

In the command line help, it only says that with the –debug option, code isn’t minified, and I was wondering what other differences there are between the normal build mode and the debug mode.

I’m wondering too what are the differences between the apk file generated with debug mode (called debug.apk ) and normal mode (called release-unsigned.apk), because the apk from the debug mode is working for me and the other have some problems.

Thanks for your help !

Necromongering this topic from the dead.

Anybody know what’s up with the --debug flag and the debug.apk file? I can’t seem to sign it with jarsigner and get it running in the emulator. Anybody know what package this could would be in, so we can take a look at the source code?

The debug flag is used mainly here for cordova apps: meteor/commands.js at 1f234574e856eee7eba6852835752ba59990d37e · meteor/meteor · GitHub
It won’t pass the release flag for the cordova build, resulting in the debug apk - without all the optimizations.
Signing is not necessary, as it’s already signed. If you execute: jarsigner -verify app-debug.apk
You will see:
jar verified.
You can also run with “meteor run android” to auto-deploy it to the emulator