Difference in app loadtime and "fluidness"? Blaze vs Angular 2 vs react vs Vue

I use Blaze and i think it works great (i’m a meteor rookie) but why shall I use Angular, react or vue instead? if we only talk about loadtime and “fluidness”

Load time might be negatively affected somewhat by using another library. Fluidness is not going to be a big difference in the browser per se, although others will perform better when there’s a lot of changing data/re-rendering (I can’t speak for angular, but vue and react should be more efficient in rendering).

Fluidness in mobile apps when comparing cordova and react native will of course be a huge difference. React native is a lot better in that regard.

If you’re learning then blaze is a great way to start. When your applications start becoming larger, your team expands or you’re creating a mobile app then switching to one of the others might be advisable.

I personally prefer react, although I still use blaze for quick prototyping. They all have their merits, so another option would be to test drive each of them and decide afterwards.


The loadtime is a matter of using stuff like server side rendering, prerendering, dynamic loading, prefetching and tree shaking. They’re all concepts related to your build tools, not the view layer.

I’d highly recommend you to use react. I’ve been working with meteor + blaze for over an year and right now we’re changing to meteor + react and I couldn’t be hapier. It’s much faster, the community is great and the internet is full of good packages and tutorials. Go for REACT!

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