Differences between mup aws-beanstalk and waveshosting


I have been a waveshosting user for months ( maybe years ), I have now great concern about their commitment to the project.

There have been some ( at least two ) downtime during the last fifteen days, there was no communication from us. I have opened support ticket but no one answer.

I can really understand that a project does not reach your expectation or that you have no time right now to work on it, but this is a critical service because I cannot update my application without them.

So I am starting considering to move to mup aws beanstalk.

Do you know if there are differences that I should be aware of before moving on ?

Thank you

We share your concerns. It certainly seems like they have other priorities, which is a shame as it had a lot of potential. Waves is just like a nice UI on top of ELB with some deployment scripts and some helpers for creating ssl certs. The ELB plugin for MUP replaces those scripts but doesn’t have any UI, that’s about it. We use some EB extensions for our projects so we need support for that in MUP before we can migrate. I believe @zodern has it on his todo-list.
I haven’t used MUP in a long time so there might even be features in MUP that are missing in Waves that I’m not aware of.

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