Different App.info.id for iOS vs Android?

I want to set different ids for each platform. My iOS app’s Bundle ID is not the same as my Android app’s Package Name. Surely lots of other people have this problem. How do I do this??

The documentation here (http://docs.meteor.com/#/full/App-info) is not helpful… :unamused:

I don’t think there is currently an easy way to do this. Even the Cordova documentation doesn’t mention this, but it seems it does have options for this (setting android-packageName and ios-CFBundleIdentifier on widget in config.xml).

Could you please open a GitHub issue so we can track exposing these options as a feature request?


@martijnwalraven have you ran into any issues with using the id with Android? On my app if I run the Android device it crashes unless I comment out the id. However, I can’t replicate this as a new project works fine :confused:

Thanks just added feature request. Happy new year!



from here.

This should be in Meteor and I don’t think it would be that much of a hassle. The functionality is already in Meteor to modify the id attribute. Now it would just need to modify those attributes.

Just re-reading your answer again now, did you guys ever get around to this?

If not, please do so soon. It’s basically a standard now to have com.example.ios and com.example.android.

@alveoli can you link your feature request? I’d like to see it.