Different DDP/HCP url?

Hey guys,
is there an option to define sperate urls for HCP and DDP? In my case I’m having a Cordova app that should be linked to the website via DDP, but I still wan’t receive HCP from the app server.

I only found one package https://github.com/gwendall/meteor-remote-autoupdate, but this isn’t working anymore.

So for example, this is what I need:

meteor run --mobile-server http://mysite.com --hot-code-server http://app.mysite.com

mysite.com” handles the server logic (Accounts, …) while “app.mysite.com” provides all files of my app.

I think you can set the following environment variable:

export DDP_DEFAULT_CONNECTION_URL=http://ddp.yourdomain.com

Mhhh…doesn’t it also set the HCP url? I’ve just read that HCP uses the DDP_DEFAULT_CONNECTION.


Ufff…I have to use this solution: https://github.com/rclai/meteor-app-with-remote-server/tree/master/app/packages/autoupdate

@martijnwalraven Are there any plans for 1.3 to let the developer define a seperate url for HCP? It’s very annoying to overwrite the autoupdate package while it is only a variable thing.