Different mongo databases with same collection name issue

I’m having some issues trying to access a collection that is named the same, but in different databases.

I’ve read a lot and it seems that there is _supressSameNameError setting that I can pass to the collection parameters, but it’s just not working correctly.

I have a collection on a remote server called ‘users’. It’s a collection that is managed by a different application altogether - not a Meteor app. I need to read this collection.

In my Meteor app, I’m using the accounts package and I’ve reassigned the ‘users’ collection by doing a Meteor.users = Account.users. I’ve also defined two remote databases (I’m not using anything local). Code example below:

var driver = new MongoInternals.RemoteCollectionDriver(
        mongoURL, {
            oplogUrl: oplogURL

var options = {
        _driver: driver,
        _suppressSameNameError: true

var driver2 = new MongoInternals.RemoteCollectionDriver(
        mongoURL2, {
            oplogUrl: oplogURL2

var options2 = {
        _driver: driver2,
        _suppressSameNameError: true

Accounts.users = new Mongo.Collection('portalusers', options);
Meteor.users = Account.users;

var SSOUsers = new Mongo.Collection('users', options2); <--This is where I get the error, even though there is no other 'users' collection defined anywhere.

When I start up Meteor, I get the ‘There is already a collection named “users”’ error in the console and the app won’t run.

I was under the assumption that the _supressSameNameError flag in the Mongo.Collections options would suppress/bypass this error message and let the app run.

As a test, I tried defining a different collection thinking it was an issue with the 'user’s collection.

var T1 = new Mongo.Collection('test', options);
var T2 = new Mongo.Collection('test', options2);

But the same error was thrown - indicating that there was already a collection named test.

I’m on Meteor

Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong with the flag?

You can do var T2 = driver2.open('test'); but it won’t behave exactly the same as T1.

One example is that T2.insert() will generate an _id using an ObjectID instead of a String.

Thanks for the suggestion - I tried it and it didn’t work as expected.

When I subscribe to the collection (T2 in this example), nothing happens. I don’t get any data.

Is using a driver2.open solution just like using the Mongo.Collection call?

You can’t have two different collections with the same name in minimongo so you’ll instead need to use custom publication logic to publish to a different collection name. This is an incomplete example. You’ll want to stop the observer when the subscription ends and possibly more. Just a quick sketch of a thought.


Meteor.publish('secondCollectionWithSameName', function() {
  const self = this;
    added(doc, etc, etc) {
      self.added('test2', doc._id, doc);


const T2 = new Meteor.Collection('test2');

edit: follow-up reading

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