Digital Wallet Tutorial Issues

I’m jumping into meteor for a work project. I have no experience with react or typescript. I have no idea why I’m having an issue with the digital wallet tutorial on mins 9:27 to 12:12 of section 1.2.1 basically I’m receiving 2 errors:

Error 1: All const [imageUrl, setImageUrl] = useState(initialState:“”); is expecting (,) but when i erase const [imageUrl, setImageUrl] = useState(“”); the error goes away


Error 2: onChange is pulling the error that it has Type script annotations

Name <input id="name" **onChange={(e:ChangeEvent) => setName(}** type="text" />
Email <input type="email" **onChange={(e:ChangeEvent)=> setEmail(}** id="email" />
Image Url <input type="text" **onChange={(e:ChangeEvent)=> setImageUrl(}** id="imageUrl" />