DigitalOcean - Debug Raix:push


I deployed my app to Digital ocean a few days ago, and before deploying, i switched the raix:push plugin to production: true

“apn”: {
“passphrase”: “xxxxxx”,
“key”: “ios/apn-production/xxx.pem”,
“cert”: “ios/apn-production/xxx.pem”
“apn-dev”: {
“passphrase”: “xxx”,
“key”: “ios/xxx.pem”,
“cert”: “ios/xxx.pem”
“gcm”: {
“apiKey”: “xxxx”,
“projectNumber”: xxxx
“production”: true,
“badge”: true,
“sound”: true,
“vibrate”: true

Push notifications for Android works just fine, for IOS however, it does not.

Using the dev certs while in development works, but after i uploaded it to the server on DO - it doesn’t seem to work.

I’m not entirely sure how to debug it either. Where would i find the server logs?

note: The certs should be in order.

remember to open the ports needed by apn - if it works locally it should on deployed too

Hey Raix! Opening the ports did the trick, wasn’t aware that they were closed in the first place.

Something i’ve noticed now however, is that there are no notifications when you’re inside the app. Is this intentional or is there a way to get a banner popup while you’re inside the app?

Thats by design - use Push.on(‘message’, function(evt) {}) to catch these - you can use the local notifications to prompt the user

Ah fair enough. Was thinking if there were a built in way to achieve the banner effect for example when someone messages you in a different chatroom - Thx :slight_smile: