Disable meteor page scrolling


Hi I am wondering if there is a way to block meteors page scrolling?
I have an app that scrolls to the top at the wrong times.



Can you be more specific? What page scrolling?


Hi, I have scrollable list as a center column and a fixed detailed view on page right.
When you click on a center item. The detailed view is updated.

When you click on a center item that it is down the page,
you are scrolled to pageTop when this fixed position detailed view is updated.
Now you cant see the item you clicked on.

I was hoping to block this behaviour



Can you show us some code? are you doing <a href="#">?


well, meteor is not doing scrolling.

so what router do you have ?


Hi Benjick,
You are right! Thankyou
I had the clickable areas inside a <a href="#">
I put this:


inside the Template event handler "click"
And all was fixed


That was going to be my suggestion, good :smile: