Disable reactivity on one field


I am currently creating a table that is editable inline with sorting features. However, if I sort by the value of one of the fields and then update the field, the table continuously sorts and moves all over the table. I need all other reactive features on other fields and sorting, so can’t just turn off reactivity.

Any idea on how I can approach this?

I’m using createContainer, React, and sorting with publications.


If you sort the data by a static property, like by _id, you can do your custom sorting in the react component itself. Use componentWillReceiveProps to control the updates on the rendering, and keep a local copy of the data in local state to get full control of the order of the components, and manually diff the changes.

In practice, I imagine it is a little bit fiddly to get the exact user experience you are after, but it should be doable. Don’t let createContainer control your rendering life!


Thanks! The thing is that I need to sort by budget. Also, I can’t do local sorting within the component because I’m paginating my info.