Discourse + Meteor Forums/Blog

Hi. I’d like to integrate a Discourse forum so it shares login info with a Meteor user-accounts app, ideally using the same accounts or with easy access to the Meteor app DB. It seems Meteor is doing this here but the packages I’ve found are old and have very little documentation. Do you guy have any pointers or guides to recommend?

Also curious if there’s info on how the Meteor blog works (is it a package) and how they got forum comments to cross over.



Hi, have you found any answers out of this forum about this? if you have any update I would be interested in knowing more about it. thank you

Nope, never got any answers :frowning:

I’ve built my own article manager and forums system.

It’s actually stunningly easy once you COMPLETELY understand Meteor. I’m sure there’s somethings I’m still doing a bit wrong, too. Security wise.


I finally managed to setup a login on my discourse forum that uses my main meteor app account management by using the discourseSSO npm package and following the guidance in those links:

how to integrate it in your meteor app: (they mention to use the meteorhacks package but I think it would be better to use directly the npm package instead)

The official guide from discourse to implement SSO:

you need also the npm package:

and if you want to setup a ssl certificate, some information here (haven’t done this part yet):

If you have any troubles setting this up let me know and I’ll try to help you.

also, you can then embed some of your forum feed as comments in your blog or other parts of your app. More info here:

Cheers :slight_smile: