Discover Meteor chapter 13 sorting algorithm not working


I’m just starting with meteor (and programming) and I am having problems with the sorting in Chapter 13 (Upvoting).
It should sort the to 5 pages based on the number of votes. Currently the sort order is:

  1. 2 votes
  2. 2 votes
  3. 1 vote
  4. 2 votes
  5. 2 votes

I already tried debugging, but still failing miserably because I cannot figure out where the query is built and where it is executed.
So I would still have problems pinpointing to where to problematic code is.
I have a github repository where my current state is available.
Personal Github 13-5

Offical discovermeteor github commit

It would be great if someone could pinpoint me to where I should look, how to debug it or what line(s) are problematic.

Looking at publications.js the posts publication takes an options object.

Next, check out the subscription (somewhere where it says Meteor.subscribe) and see what options object is being sent in.

Thx for the help.
I found the Problem. I had a helper which it seems was used instead of the new parts in the router without the options object.

posts: function() {
    var postle = Posts.find({}, {sort: {submitted: -1}});
    return postle;