Discover Meteor: Chapter 16-1, "Adding An Alias"

In the Discover Meteor Book, Chapter 16-1 it asks to create add an alias in the


I have a PC and can’t seem to find that file?? I also tried the

touch~/.bash_profile .

How do I create those files?

Hello, I tried to find which section you’re talking about but wasn’t able to find any relevant text concering .bash_profile

Adding an alias is making a shortcut … for more information i would suggest you searching how to make aliases in cmd (if you use it).

Several people have asked the same question in stackoverflow including Im pretty sure you would be able to figure that out.

As generally the cmd is quite limiting compared to the unix terminal I do recommend you finding alternative such as (which is what Sashko and Slava were using when they presented windows support on the SF DevShop in March). From then on should be easier making aliases.

In unix ~/ leads you to the User profile folder.


Here is a pic of the part in Chapter 16, I’m not sure how you do this for Windows PC.

.bash_profile is specific to bash shell. Unix, Mac environment both have that shell.
In Windows environment does not support nor have this file.

A workaround that might have similar effect as alias.

Correct me if I am wrong, I haven’t used Windows for years…lol
Create a .bat file in Windows, write commands you need line by line, save it.
When you need to make JSON file, simply double click that .bat file you created. :smiley: