Discuss.meteor.com has a dummy page?

I went to discuss.meteor.com, and it seems to show some dummy project:

(Sorry, apparently Discourse won’t let me post images yet)

It’s a bit confusing, to be honest - would it make sense to either take that down, or have it redirect to here?

Hmm, this shows what I mean:


Hey, I don’t know if we can forward every URL related to forums, discussion, or conversation to this page. Do you think it’s a serious issue?

Hmm, aha, so this is just using the free Meteor.com hosting? Sorry, I didn’t realise that they could pick any arbitrary subdomain they wanted - I figured some might be reserved.

That seems a bit…well…doesn’t that open it up abuse?

Several other projects seem to use “discuss..com” for their forums - it seems a pretty common pattern - e.g. Atom uses it for their own Discourse instance.

Using “discourse..com” seems to be the other common pattern - e.g. Soylent does that:


I just noticed that discourse.meteor.com also seems to be somebody’s dummy page.

Is there any way to separate out the “official” Meteor related pages, from the free hosting ones?

For example - say we take status.meteor.com - how would we determine if that is an official page, or somebody’s own project?

Or say somebody setup downloads.meteor.com - what’s to stop them from serving trojaned binaries from there?

Right now, nothing, although we have a large number of names reserved. Maybe we just need to reserve more names.

In the future I think there is a possible plan to move these to meteor.io or something so that it’s more different from the “official” meteor.com URLs.