Discussion of the Meteor tutorial as an introduction to Meteor

Continuing the discussion from Wouldn't it be better for MDG to focus on integrating something like polymer / web componentsrather than react?:

Can you elaborate on this? I was hoping that the tutorial would be a good introduction to Meteor. What made it not work for you?

Actually, I owe you 5 dollars. I wasn’t going through the to-dos tutorial. On the Tutorial page, instead of clicking “Read it Here”, I just hit next. It ended up bringing me to the rest of the preview items, which of course is a bit more complex and not really a full blown tutorial.

Let me go through your to-do app tutorial and see what I think. Assuming its pretty good though!

Heh, I’ll pay you that 5 dollars at your hourly rate to submit a pull request to improve that page in the guide: https://github.com/meteor/react-packages/blob/master/docs/tutorial.md

Anyway, the React tutorial will be on meteor.com soon, so it will be hard to miss.

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