Display documents associated to a day


I’m fairly confused as to which is the best way of doing this, since I didn’t manage to find a package that solves this easily.
I need to have a template that lists days and display all the documents created on each single day, for example:


  • Document A
  • Document B


  • Document C
  • Document D
  • Document E

Or, less vaguely:


  • John Smith received 10 points on Basquet
  • Paul Atreides received 20 points on Future Telling


  • Heisenberg received 25 points on National Trade
  • etc.

Being the displayed document something like a ‘Reports’ collection that joins ‘Players’ with ‘Activities’, for example.

What is the proper way of achieving this functionality?
I guess creating a Days Collection is not the best option.

Thanks in advance

date $gt moment().startOf(‘day’)
date $lt moment().endOf(‘day’)

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Thanks, I guess this uses the moment.js package, right?

Could you please elaborate? :smile:

yes, it is momentjs, and there is meteor package

Ok I will explore that package and see if I can find a solution.

Any further detailed explanation will be much appreciated :wink: